Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Vintage and Tote Bags









Good evening to all my wonderful readers. Today is a national holiday in my country, so I do almost nothing and I have a lot of free time. I decided to do a little searching on the net and shopping, what we women, in fact, love the most. I came across the site Baginning.com and today I will present you the models that I am delighted with. Yes, the bags are in question, you guessed it. 


Women love shoes and bags, and it's just like that. Always a good and quality bag can add a lot to your look, make you look elegant, expensive and be a real lady. Even if you wear jeans and a plain white T-shirt, a good choice of bag will make you look like a million dollars. And now the most important thing, I know that we mostly overload our bags. There are notebooks, wallet, makeup, keys, perfumes… That's why the bag has to be big enough to fit it all. This site offers a beautiful selection of tote bag. They are offered in different colors and models, and these transparent ones with large inscriptions are especially beautiful for me now, they are just in trend. And you can wear them both for sports and for work, ie for a slightly more elegant occasion. 


I would mention that they also have a choice of hanging out tote bag. Classic black, for example, goes well with everything, while my favorite red, which I imagine with red stars, is a great combination. Then knit round bags. Awesome! They are not only for the beach, but also for spring and summer when you walk around the city in a boho style. And I have to tell you this. In our country, the emphasis is now on plastic bags, so that we should not pollute the environment. The bags are paid for, and I carry my bag to the store, similar to the one I chose for you to show you. 


And another thing that is so much in trend again, a vintage bag. So much is coming back to fashion, I take pieces from my mom’s closet and I’m so glad about that. For you, I have selected my favorites from the site, completely retro, unique, everyone will ask you where you bought them, I guarantee you, because I also have one from this site. Top quality and great price. Let us know what you like!