Thursday, February 10, 2022

Gel nail polish professional by Bluesky








Hello my dear readers. Today is a beautiful day and sunny. Light spring is coming, and we can hardly wait for that, then we have more will to tidy up and adjust. I've been talking about fashion lately, and now I want to continue with beauty. All of us women love to be beautiful, tidy and tidy. For me, it is most beautiful when I see a woman who has a neat haircut and beautiful, tidy nails. That is why today I am telling you about the Bluesky site, which offers gel nail polish professional. 


Personally, I prefer to fix my nails alone at home, than in salons. These are some of my rituals, I sit down, make tea or coffee, play light music and enjoy. I love just choosing colors. Although I have to admit I didn't know much about it. Before, I only used plain nail polish, without a base and top coat. I have just started reading and researching how important it is to put both the base and the top coat. All this will make your nail polish last longer, and thus save your time. The base coat protects your nails, and then the gel adheres much better. And it all prevents the gel from peeling off your nails. So that the nails look beautiful, neat, with shine. With the base coat, you will also strengthen your natural nails. Of course, both the primer and the final coating must be of good quality, because otherwise you will only damage your nails. That is why I advise you to use the gel polish collection from this site as the best choice for your nails. 


As quality is always my number one priority, so be sure of my recommendation. So many colors, I mostly wear white, black and red, but when I saw this choice. The madness of colors, in a positive sense. You will definitely like it, because we all love the best gel nail polish. They have a lot of collections, luxury, with a rainbow effect, galaxy, with sequins ... What do you like the most? I am waiting for your comments.




  1. Ahhh if only those shades could look nice on my hands...

  2. Thanks for sharing this brand its the first time Ive heard of it and Im trying to build my gel polish collection. Great post Tijana!