Friday, March 18, 2022

Butt lifter shorts


Hi to all. As spring and better weather never arrived, I gave myself some time to dedicate to our topics. I have been writing about fashion for a long time, but I have never touched the ideal of female beauty. What do you think about that? For a long time I thought there was no need to argue about it, but I see that today there is a lot of pressure to make all women and girls look beautiful by today’s standards. I believe you know that not everything we see on social networks is completely true and that we all use little tricks. 


As I am naturally thin and do not have pronounced curves, I decided to try something like this. I can't wait to get it, to get dressed and to present it to you live. What I know are the experiences of my friends and my mom. They have already ordered products from the Durafits site and everyone is satisfied. I couldn’t wear my mom’s full body shapewear for women because it’s unfortunately big for me, but I was able to test the material. In my opinion perfect. Do not be afraid, top quality is in question, you will not sweat, the thread will be an irritation. Every detail was taken into account. I'm even jealous when I see what kind of figure he's making, and I don't have him yet. As for shapewear, the whole body is shaped very nicely. Waist, hips, buttocks, believe me, when you wear something like you're a different person. So reduce your waist, perform compression, so that without weight loss and the gym it seems that you are so well built and in shape. Of course, you can choose a model that goes over the chest, there are even models that will make your hands more beautiful. The colors are classic. Black, white, no. And I guarantee that they are made and cut so that the edges are not visible and therefore people do not know what you are wearing underneath, and you look top. I especially liked the one that emphasizes the cleavage. Sizes are up to 3XL. So there are skinny and plus size for us. These shapewear are also recommended for after operations because they help your body to be in good position. They are easy to go to the toilet, so they are designed. You can even wear it every day. 


Now let's move on to butt lifter shorts. You have various models that make your waist and thighs more beautiful. Do you want sports for every day or a little more elegant for the evening? They have everything on offer. Like the zip from whichever side you want, it's easiest for me personally when it's ahead. You even have some models in xl variant. They all correct your posture, so you immediately look thinner and the position of a real lady. All this is very comfortable to wear constantly, as well as for special occasions. What do you think, my dears? I am waiting for your comments.