Monday, December 13, 2021

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Hello, my dear companions, today I want to talk about various topics. Primarily about psycho-physical health. As I studied psychology, I am quite familiar with these topics. We all know that saying, in a healthy body, a healthy spirit. Exercise and physical activity are very important. This is suggested to us even by all psychologists, doctors, motivators. If people knew that many important hormones for happiness are secreted during exercise, they would all exercise much more often. Especially now during the pandemic, when it is very important to have good immunity and practice physical activity. Of course, in this period, we all met with the closure of gyms and sports centers, so it could be used as an excuse and postpone exercise. However, the most persistent did training and exercising at home, as well as practicing running and walking in the fresh air. Great, isn't it? Now we will talk a little below and I will try to motivate you to exercise, either at home or elsewhere. So let's go with Kameymall.


The challenge of exercising at home? Air track mat as a solution? 


Honestly, I didn't exercise regularly until a couple of years ago. But I was also younger. As the years go by, we need to make up for the energy as much as possible. I know that today some people also care about the financial part, so exercising at home is presented as the cheapest and most economical solution. I started practicing yoga. First in the center, and later at home. What is important in such sports is a good surface, to avoid injuries, and have more benefits than harm. So let’s talk about the air track . Air mats that give support and stability to our body. You must have seen aerial strips like this in schools, serious sports centers. On this site you have a really large selection, from smaller dimensions for exercise in the house or apartment, to larger ones for more serious exercise centers. Of course you can choose the thickness, shape and color. I always choose those women's colors, I guess it's better and I practice more often on pink mats, lol. What do you think? What is important is that the tracks are inflatable, so if you have a small space you can blow it out and keep it easy, it will take up less space, and you can easily transport it. You have to pay attention to the pressure, which of course depends on the weight and type of exercise. All this is written in detail in the manual, so you can read in detail. Prices vary due to various factors, but believe me, there is a pocket for everyone, the price is not a problem.


Otherwise I have to mention I zorb ball . This is so cool to me, especially on the water. But I really have no experience with that. Adrenaline works, but I'm a little scared. For me, it's great for men, it can even be used with a ball in sports, really great, and you avoid injuries and you are protected. Where will you do something better? I know everyone is dreaming about it.


A good body for a sexy bikini? How important is that to us? 


Of course, when we talk about a body shaped with good weight, somewhere we all have a goal. Maybe for women and more than for men, we do different sports, drink water and vitamins, to present ourselves in the best light. And when we have a nice body, we all want to wear sexy bikini . You can even find it on this site. I have already chosen the pieces for myself and the upcoming vacation. Of course, everything must be in the set and tone, so the customers go with a coat or kaftan. I fell in love with many models, so they look graceful and elegant. That's exactly my style. I would like you to share your impressions when you look. Are you looking forward to your vacation too? Just now for the holidays, some warm island, or if not, at least some spa in a hotel in your city. Sexy bikinis will help you look beautiful and challenging. They are very high quality and original. I am happy to read your comments and present my choice.


 And as a conclusion to this topic, I would like you to tell me how much you exercise regularly and where? I practice yoga three times a week, currently at home, as I mentioned above, with a small air mat, because I live in an apartment and I don't have much space. Didn't I tell you that I trained dance for years, in a studio that was equipped with things like this, what is your favorite hobby and sport? Have you tried maybe a zorb ball? The more I write this text, the more I get more and more desire. I can't wait. And the best thing is that I don't have to wander and research, but I have everything on one site. My recommendation because quality always comes first. And as a company with serious work and experience, they provide it to clients, so be sure to choose. Of course, rugs are also used a lot in schools, because we only want the best for children. And I wish us a lot of healthy life and exercise in the new year.


  1. I am ashamed to admit that I have not been exercising regularly and have not tried any of the exercise options or vacation options you mentioned above - but they all sound wonderful!
    You always look extremely beautiful in all of your photographs, so obviously the plans you referred to work well. The Kameymall AirTrack mat looks excelllent.

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