Thursday, November 11, 2021

Retro and Christmas Lights









Hello my dear readers. Today is a wonderful, warm, and very sunny day, which makes me especially happy. It is also a national holiday, so we are free, without obligations. I used the nice time for a walk, came home, drank tea, and now I enjoy watching the decorations for the upcoming holidays. This is the most beautiful period of the year for me, and for you? Do you like Christmas? I have to admit to you that more than buying clothes, I love buying decorations for the apartment. I enjoy it. That's why I'm sharing a site with you today twinkle star 



 What I especially adore are the lamps. For the holidays, I like the whole apartment to shine. It is a special, romantic atmosphere, mild and warm. However, I also like light bulbs on the terrace. One terrace is open to me and the other closed in glass. E you may be wondering how the light bulbs on the outdoor terrace get wet when it rains or now it snows in winter. This site has waterproof bulbs, great solution, right? Rain and water can't do anything to them. And it's even better that they are in retro style. It's just in trend now. I put them in the kitchen and on the terrace. Looks great. See all models from retro lights


And I have to describe to you the beautiful light bulbs for Christmas. In the shape of a lemon. Strawberries, clouds, or for a boy light bulbs like soccer balls. As for color, there are blue, purple, red, you can choose. My favorites are the stars, and the balls 💎(Source: I live in an apartment, but I know exactly how I will decorate the house and the yard, I would put those light bulbs all over the trees. You know what I mean? Everything would shine like in the most beautiful Christmas movies

twinkle star retro lights 💎(Source:

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