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Lolita Umbrella for summer

Do you want to carry the look of Lolita? Do you want to live your dream of Lolita? For an ideal Lolita fashion look do you want to take an umbrella with you? Do you want to stand out in the crowd? If it’s a yes, you can make this possible with the ‘WOW Elements’ of Lolitafashion accessories and Lolita umbrella. With Lolita umbrella it does not matter that you are a lady or girl, you look just elegant, cute, graceful, and pretty.
In Lolita fashion walk Lolita umbrella plays a vital role and give you the astonishing cool appearance with lots of frills and lace.
Let’s have a look at the Lolita umbrella with a closer eye

  • What is Lolita Umbrella?
  • Parts of Lolita Umbrella
  • Material used for Lolita Umbrella
  • Benefits of Lolita Umbrella
  • Season of Lolita Umbrella
  • Classification of Lolita Umbrella


What is Lolita Umbrella?

Lolita is a fashion, gives the artistic look of cuteness. This fashion is Japan’s subculture, influenced by the style of the Rococo period and clothing of children of Edwardian and Victorian. Besides clothes there are other necessities of Lolita fashion and a Parasol (Lolita Sun Umbrella) is perfect for Lolita Fashion. Lolita umbrella in particular is the combination of UV and water repellent texture with lots of lace and frills. 

Parts of Lolita Umbrella

The main parts of Lolita umbrella are:

The Canopy

It is the upper part of the umbrella that covers you and keep you dry in the rainy season and protects you from the sun in summer. The canopy of the umbrella acts like a shield.

The Ribs and stretches

The ribs and stretches support the canopy. Usually, they are thin rods that expand from the upper part of the pole. The stretches make the umbrella flexible and easy to carry. When the ribs stretch out the umbrella get open.

The shaft or pole

The shaft of the Lolita umbrella keeps the umbrella in upright position in all weather conditions. This is the long part of the umbrella, at its top end is the canopy and at bottom part is the knob and handle.

The handle

This is the bottom last part of umbrella use to carry the umbrella. It should be comfortable and easy to hold even when the handle is wet.

Material used for Lolita Umbrella

The material used for the canopy of Lolita umbrella are laces, polyester, ribbons, and PVC. The polyester umbrella is very durable and soft. The metal and wooden ribs support the canopy which is attached with the pole or shaft of the umbrella. For the pole of Lolita umbrella plastic, wood, and metal is used and the handle is beautifully designed in round and straight shape.


Benefits of Lolita Umbrella

Umbrella or parasol are the best sources to protect from severe weather conditions like rain, windstorm and harmful rays of the sun. Similarly, the Lolita umbrella is best used for the following:
  • Sun protection
  • Posing
  • Anti-sneak shot


Sun protection

Umbrella is derived from Latin word ‘Umbra’ which means shadow and the Lolita umbrella for summer are the best to protect from sun rays when carrying the Lolita fashion. Lolita appearance in summer with Lolita umbrella gives cute and princess look and also provide protection from sun and other natural elements like rain also when you go for a date.



For posing like Lolita the Lolita umbrella gives the ideal and perfect look. As the Lolita fashion is categorized into 3 main styles; Goth, Sweet, and Classic. So, it is important to choose any of the style of pose and select the Lolita umbrella accordingly for posing.


Season of Lolita Umbrella

Lolita umbrellas are used all year around, but commonly they are used in midsummer, and early summer to early fall.
Moreover, before summer the rainy season come and if you have Lolita umbrella you are safe. Even if it falls suddenly.

Classification of Lolita Umbrella

Lolita fashion is divided into three categories, Gothic, Classic, and sweet. The other subcategories of Lolita fashion are Country, Hime, Sailor, Ero, Punk, and Shiro. Whereas for lolita accessories the Lolita umbrella is divided into 3 main styles. Let’s have a look:



The perfect thing for a Gothic Lolita (Gothic and Lolita) is something with a slightly dark, decadent beauty based on black. Rather than being cute it is dignified with an atmosphere that feels cool and comfortable. 

This Goth Lolita umbrella for summer is specially designed and has the following features
  • Frills, plenty of frills and ribbons.
  • The material used is polyester and lace.
  • Wide range of colors; white, black, pink, and red.
  • With the umbrella pole handle is classic straight shaft and adopts unibody magnesium design.
This image only shows the outside design, so please take a look at the details
The outside design of Goth Lolita Parasol is really nice and match with other Lolita genres, and provides the best combination of Gothic and Lolita. This is a popular product that has been resold, so come early to grab the best for you.



For sweet and princess Lolita look sweet Lolita umbrella is perfect. A sweet Lolita umbrella is filled with gorgeous laces, and filled with girl's dreams just like a princess. The image of sweet parasol shows the artistic use of a lace, a drape-like design, and a cute hand shape. For the detail and price of sweet Lolita umbrella look at

The dynamic features of sweet Lolita umbrella are:
  • Material used for this Lolita summer umbrella is Lace.
  • The color of sweet classic Lolita is white.



A retro Lolita umbrella is ideal for an elegant classical Lolita. The shape and design give the sense of stability of the royal road and the luxurious print on the inside of retro is a lot of design with flower pattern that is very romantic and charmed. If it looks plain at a long distance, it looks fine when you look at it near you. The material used for this is PVC and lace in white colors. Get a closer look of retro Lolita umbrella at

It’s time to dress like Lolita with Lolita dressing and accessories. Choose your favourite Lolita style now and get your best match Lolita umbrella at to complete your elegant look of Lolita and stand out in the crowd.


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