Friday, November 03, 2017

Six tips to keeping a healthy pregnancy

The health of a pregnant woman is as good as that of her unborn child. Maintaining a healthy pregnancy is the best way to avoid pregnancy and birth complications. While there are many challenges expectant moms can go through, there are several steps they can take to guarantee their health and that of the baby. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy pregnancy. You can also check more information here.


Being pregnant doesn’t mean you will stop exercising. It is vital for every pregnant woman to stay active. Routine exercising assists to improve your mood, manage weight, enhance circulation, and also assist you to have a better child. Both the mom and child need to have a better sleep every day. Swimming and walking are some of the simple activities you should try. It is crucial to consult your doctor first before engaging in any exercise.  

Monitor your weight gain

It is common knowledge that you are eating for two people, but it is not an excuse not to overeat. Overeating and mindless eating may result in unhealthy weight gain. Gaining more pounds can make it difficult lose. But on the other side not gaining is risky to the baby. Ensure you make regular visits to your doctor to ensure you are gaining weight at a healthy rate. 

Get enough rest

Every pregnant woman will tell you that caring for a growing child is not easy. During the early stages of pregnancy, you may have decreased levels of energy. Getting adequate rest is the solution to having both physical and mental health.  Don’t be hard on yourself during the day. You can take a nap at mid-day there is a need. Experts recommend that you have at least eight hours of sleep. 

Drink enough fluids

They say water is like medicine to a thirsty soul. And so it is for every expectant mom. Ensure you take at least eight glasses of water in a day. Avoid excess caffeine as it may raise your risk of having a miscarriage. 

Eat well

Healthy eating is the key to a healthy pregnancy. Ensure you eat foods rich in vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates as this are necessary for the development of your unborn child and you as well.

Have a birth plan

Planning for the delivery of your baby is an excellent way to avoid panicking on that much awaited day. It can be good if you use a pregnancy calculator to know the expected date so you can have everything in place. Write down important things you want to do before the expected date, and who you want to be present during delivery. Inform anyone you want present on that day about your plans. This will ease the stress of wondering what you will do or who will do that. It makes you mentally prepared.


It is better to prevent than to cure. Eating healthy, exercising, drinking adequate water and also getting enough rest is the best way to avoid getting sick during pregnancy. Practice better hand-washing habits to stay healthy.


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