Friday, October 28, 2016

Inspiration - How to make sure you get that perfect night's sleep

Have trouble sleeping? If so, you can change a few habits, change the ambiance, and instantly notice a difference in sleep quality and patterns. For those who do have a hard time falling or staying asleep, consider some of these tips to make that a distant memory.

1. The lighting -

Make sure you don't let exterior light seep in. If you have shades, close them fully. If possible, try installing blackout shades which are intended to keep external light at bay. Even the slightest change to your eyes/pupils can cause a disturbance in your sleep. Make sure your sleeping quarters are the ideal light/dark setting, so you can sleep comfortably and rest easy. People have started investing in sunlight alarm clock which help with the lighting in your bedroom. The clock will slowly reduce how much light it outputs which then helps you when unwinding for bed.

2. The noise -
Again, blackout shades help with light reduction but many also have noise sensors and help keep external noises out. Closing the doors, making sure your room is only for sleep (no work, TV, etc) and making the space ideal for sleeping conditions, will help to improve quality and duration of sleep as well. 

3. Your bed - 

For some, this is the only solution. Make sure you have a good mattress in place. If the time has come to upgrade, even if it is a bit more than you intended to spend, you will instantly notice a difference. Invest in a quality mattress, and you are instantly going to realize a difference in sleep quality, and the duration of your sleep on a nightly basis as well. 
No two people are alike, yet we need the ideal conditions to sleep well, and get a good night's rest. If you are having troubles sleeping or staying asleep, if you have ruled out medical conditions (or problems like sleep apnea) changing the condition of the area you sleep is the next step. These are some ways to do this, and to instantly see that much desired improvement in your sleep patterns.


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