Sunday, May 29, 2016

Inspiration - Hair Extension and Wrapped Headband Updo

For more information of hair styles, please visit besthairbuy Many young ladies are eager for different but attractive hair style, yet it is not easy. virgin hair was popular once, for the clip in hair shows the momentum for the young. Yet various styles took the virgin hair down; wigs have been hot, for they are convenient and easy to change. Wigs , however, will never last for their prices.

Today, we are welcoming a new hair style which is both different and attractive; more importantly, it matches any shape of face. To acquire it, you need a long strip or band, clip in hair, and of course, long long hair. 
Step one, wash your hair, loos them, and put the brand around your hair. In fact, the clip in hair is not a must, for the brand works like clip in hair.
Step two, dived your hair in to three strides distributing the two sides of your chest and your back. Tie up the back hair, the other two would be fine just stay loose.
Step three, fix your hair in the back with the brand. You need to be careful on this step, for it might be difficult to fix them without actually seeing the hair. The brand now works as clip in hair, and the fixation has to be tight enough.
Step four, fix the rest of your hair in the same way. To manage this, you need to leave enough space in the brand during the last step, otherwise, the work might be a little bit tricky.  But remember to leave a stride of hair for the next step.
Step five, plait the left stride of hair. If one is not well trained for plaiting hair, you need to work on it before all of this. But I believe most girls know their hair makings better than the back of their hands.
Step six, pull the stride in the back, and get ready four the even more complex making.
Step seven, make a bun with the fixed hair. The core of this step is making sure it is well bound with the brand.
Step eight, use the hair on your left to make a side-tail.
Step nine, pull the side-tail to the other side, and put it around the bun, so as to integrate the whole work into one. To fix it, you might want to use some clips.
Step ten, if there are some hair remaining on either side, make some curl, and voila, the wrapped headband updo is done. Isn`t it cute?
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  1. I'm not sure if I can do it myself but it looks great :)

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