Sunday, December 05, 2021

My Wishlist - Long Sleeve Dresses





My dear readers, Even today we hang out with a beautiful and wonderful site. This is the Ever Pretty site. As I sipped my morning coffee lightly, I remembered that the holidays were approaching soon. And especially if we girls or women want something beautiful and unusual, some completely different piece of clothing just for that day. 


While browsing the sites, I came across this one. Take a look at their offers and you will be delighted. I have already chosen a few pieces for myself and I hope that I will look fantastic in them during the holidays. In addition to having very velvet dresses for women, there is also top quality, and all for a little money, you can buy yourself a few pieces. Because the price is very affordable, and that is important to all of us. 


Since the cold days have arrived, this site also has beautiful long sleeve dresses. There are one-color, striped, with a neckline, floral, with some print… As well as a large selection of relaxed for every day. They have short, knee-length, long… The choice is up to you the more you prefer to wear. As the new year is coming soon, they also have beautiful long dresses with zircons. I immediately decided on one of these because I want to shine on New Year’s Eve. I really liked the dresses with corners and the ones with a picture. And as far as I'm concerned, casual dresses are also great. They can be combined with high heels or some good boots, add jewelry and it looks great. And these dresses can be worn for every day, with a leather jacket and biker boots. Take a look at my selection, then let me know. We all know that such dresses are just in trend now.

Amazing items for winter





Winter has arrived my ladies, and so many cold days. This time is a time of celebration, winter travels, weddings, birthdays… Here I have a few travel in cold countries. So I searched the internet for some site with a wonderful wardrobe I came across this site by chance. And I wanted to share this with you. 


So my dear ladies, zou must see on this site, you will be delighted. I have already chosen a few pieces for myself. The prices are affordable and the quality of the materials is excellent. They have a large selection of . There are black, brown, elegant. They can be very easily combined with a fur coat or jacket. 


They also have a large selection of. As we know, leather has been worn for years and is always in trend. So you can wear these  in both day and evening versions, with a leather jacket. They have leather in several colors, all colors are wonderful, I especially like brown and black. They stand nicely, and shape the fingers nicely. They also offer a large selection of . Well, they are just for some elegant evenings, as I go to several, I just decided on these . The models are fantastic, I can’t wait to show you the pictures. I love unikat, so I chose one.